What We Do and Where We Work


  • Co-operative/Community Small Scale Technological and Social/Industrial Development
  • Sanitation, Water, Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Health, Education and Agriculture
  • Advocacy, Human Rights and Good Governance
  • Financial Services and Consultancy

Geographical Focus

The activities of the organization cover five regions in Ghana, namely: Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Ashanti and Volta and it is expected that between 2014-2016, our operations will be extended to the remaining five regions of the country. We have collaborations with some NGOs in Nigeria and will commence operations in Lomé and Kpalime areas of Togo under a partnership agreement with Groupe D’Actions Pour Un Developpement Humain Durable (GLOBE), a Togolese based non-governmental organization in 2015 if the necessary agreements are renewed.


  • Technological Resource Bank     –     TECHNOBANK
  • Co-operative Finance Institute  –     COFI
  • Productive Agricultural Linkages and Marketing Systems    –      PALMS
  • Green Journey Program      –      GJP
  • United Network Against HIV/AIDS in Africa  –      UNAHA
  • Sanitation, Water, Energy and Environmental Protection      –       SWEEP
  • Health and Agriculture with Education   –       HAWE
  • Advocates for Good Governance and Gender Equality    –      AGAGE

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