Our Social Venture and Networks

Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited MOFIL logo

Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited (MOFIL) is our first social venture which was established as a hybrid for profit company by for-profit and not-for profit companies in partnership with other non-governmental, farmer, faith and community based organizations in 2008. CVSI plays an active role in the affairs of MOFIL to ensure that the venture is able to impact the various communities where it operates for good. We have a vision of wiping away malnutrition from Ghana, Africa and the entire world through the use of appropriate food supplementation and fortification.

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Rural Agricultural Improvement Network (RAIN)

The Rural Agricultural Improvement Network (RAIN) is a network of small holder farmers, farmer and community based organizations/associations, research institutions and civil society organizations in agriculture and includes the Moringa Oleifera Cultivation and Marketing Program (MOCAMP). The network has been initiated to assist in rural agricultural development and industrialization. The network is actively involved in the Green Journey Project of MOFIL and the Productive Agricultural Linkages and Marketing Systems (PALMS) of CVSI.

United Network Against HIV/AIDS in Africa (UNAHA)

United Network Against HIV/AIDS in Africa (UNAHA) came into being in July 2004 under our direction and has some of the graduates of the HIV Counseling and Care giving Course (Second Branch) at the Institute of Adult, University of Ghana, Legon as core members. CVSI was elected as the lead agency to assist in getting the network into effective service nationwide.  The network is composed of civil society groups (non-governmental organizations, credit unions, community based organizations, religious/faith based organizations), the private sector (trading and manufacturing companies, mining and extractive companies and agricultural companies) and individuals representing themselves or their organizations. The network is involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS through education, care and treatment and establishment of income generating activities to assist in eradicating poverty which underlies the fast spread of the pandemic. The Preventive AIDS Lifeline Micro-credit Strategy (PALM-S) is one of the principal interventions being used in this programme.



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