Our Programs

Our programs/projects are geared towards building resilient individuals, especially the marginalized, and communities to be able to stand well in the face of rapid globalization, industrialization and technological advancements.  We aim to lift people out of poverty through intensive skills training in health, agriculture and industrial development, ensuring that our operations or projects tend to a well sustained environment which can withstand the vagaries of climatic change but with sustained livelihoods for rural communities. We utilize the latest trends in adapted technology, knowledge and skills to ensure the effective and rewarding participation of the rural and small scale operators or farmers,  especially, women and the youth

The active programs we are running are grouped under the following major headings:

  • Health and Agriculture with Education  (H.A.W.E)  
  • The Green Journey
  • Productive Agricultural Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S)
  • Co-operative Finance Institute (C.O.F.I)
  • Sanitation, Water, Energy and Environment Program (SWEEP)


Health and Agriculture with Education (H.A.W.E) Program – GAC Southern Volta HIV Prevention Project – We are involved in HIV prevention of which the GAC-Southern Volta HIV Prevention project set up in conjunction with the Ghana AIDS Commission (MSHAP and NSP) from June 2009 to date is prominent and provides a strong co-ordinated intervention to stem … Continue reading H.A.W.E.

The Green Journey

The Green Journey has a goal to develop, produce and market Moringa Oleifera nutritional supplements and fortified foods to fight malnutrition and ensure intake of balanced diets for optimal growth with a vision of Ghana Without Malnutrition and ultimately the World Without Malnutrition.  The soil and environment are beneficiaries also. Read more – GJ,  Changemakers, MOFIL)


Productive Agriculture Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S.) program pools appropriate technologies and resources together to facilitate moringa, vegetable and fruit supply chain with proper and strengthened organizational capacities and linkages for sustainable production and marketing both local and export. Read more


Through the Community Information Technology Initiative (C.I.T.I.), we are able to effectively use the Internet and mobile phones to disseminate information in our operational communities whilst implementing our projects. Literacy programs, marketing, mobile libraries and technology training programs have been run successfully using this program.  

SALTED Academy

Sustainable Agricultural and Livelihood Technologies for Empowerment and Development (S.A.L.T.E.D.) Academy is an informal educational forum for the youth and adults especially women to empower them through workshops, seminars, online tutorials and other adult education technologies.

Renewable Energy

Moringa Oleifera Biofuels and Biogas Initiative (MOBBI) is a social venture set up to produce and market biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) and biogas after years of research. In addition to that, we have West Africa Gridless Energy Solutions (WAGES) to provide off grid  energy to many people with no access to basic energy.

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