Pastor Joseph Brenyah

Pastor Joseph Brenyah is the Chairman/ President of the Board of Directors of CVSI –  He is a renowned business/industrial development consultant and a clergyman; Trained HTC/MTCT Counselor; 20 years experience in humanitarian, community and faith based programs; 7 years experience in HIV interventions.

DSC_1548Pastor Joseph Brenyah has been credited with a lot of social innovation. He is a versatile industrial chemist, a naturopath, an experienced administrator, clergyman and social entrepreneur. Between 1990 and 1998, he established Brenlab International Limited in Nigeria and developed blueprints for 3,000 small scale ventures of relevance to indigenous communities. He wrote for the weekly Business Concord magazine of Nigeria for five years under the Small Scale Technology column and helped to establish many small scale ventures there. He has organized a lot of local and international seminars, workshops, conferences and training programs in management, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, small-scale industrial technologies, co-operatives and social entrepreneurship.

Many for profit and not-for profit organizations/social ventures have been formed under his direction for effective social impact. He is presently in charge of Christian Volunteer Service International, a non-governmental organization and Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited, a social enterprise/venture. Other recent programs he initiated include the Ghana Malnutrition Annihilation Program (Ghana MAP) to combat malnutrition quickly by encouraging people to resort to a balanced diet especially with Moringa, a powerhouse of essential nutrients, Rural Agricultural Improvement Network (RAIN), a network of small holder farmers, farmer and community based organizations/associations, research institutions and civil society organizations in agriculture and Moringa Oleifera Cultivation and Marketing Program (MOCAMP), to assist in rural agricultural development and industrialization which had been combined to form the Green Journey.

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