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Christian Volunteer Service International (CVSI)

The organization was incorporated in the Republic of Ghana under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179) on January 11, 1999 with registration number G. 3,992 as a not-for-profit, civil society organisation and registered as a charitable/non-governmental organisation with the Department of Social Welfare on August 3, 2006 with registration number DSW/2962.

We function as a multi-sectoral body principally directing and co-ordinating the programmes and activities of members of various networks established in two main sectors, namely: civil society and the private sector with a view of forming strong partnerships to mobilise resources and expertise to undertake various tasks before our partner organisations and us in health, agriculture, education and industrial development among others.

 Mission Statement

To serve as a vehicle for rural and community transformation through the holistic training of the youth and women in self-employment ventures, health, agriculture and educational outreaches; empower them to ensure their active and proper participation in local governance and administration of social and support services; and advocate for transparency and accountability in all spheres of human endeavour through adherence to proper moral teaching and transformation.

Vision Statement:

To assist in the establishment of a new social order/system and a new type of social entrepreneurs who will reach out to others in their communities to spread the message of hope to the underprivileged in the society.


The aims and objects for which the organisation is formed are as follows:

  •  To operate as a charitable missionary agency.
  •  To advocate on social and economic issues.
  •  To establish a Technological Resource Bank / Skills Acquisition Centres to provide an appropriate data base for rural research and development and to train the youth and women, both employable and unemployable, to acquire skills for self-employment to enhance community and co-operative development.
  •  To operate an informal co-operative financing scheme to provide financial support for our projects and for volunteers and others wishing to go into self employment or community/co-operative ventures.
  •  To establish or assist appropriate institutions for formal and non-formal training for skill and technological development; health, education, human rights, environmental protection, energy and ICT. .
  • To advocate for and sustain sound environmental protection practices and the use of renewable energy and ICT in community development.
  •  To engage in community health programmes especially reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases and paediatric health.
  •  To advocate for gender balance and human rights in all spheres of human endeavour.

What We Do and Where We Work

We focus our attention more on poverty alleviation with a strong emphasis on health, agriculture, education and industrial development with presence in five regions in Ghana.

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Board of Directors

An experienced Board of Directors oversees the effective running of our organisation.

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Management Team and Staff

We have a strong Management Team and Staff of dedicated full and part time personnel and volunteers.

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We are partners with various networks, public and private sector organisations, both for profit and not for profit entities, to carry out our mandate.

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Annual Reports

Our achievements and impact in addition to our challenges are captured in our annual reports.

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One thought on “About Us

  1. Dear Friends,

    Having gone through your programs from your website, I write on behalf of the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD) Liberia to express our interest in your programs which we found useful in line with ours here in Liberia.

    YPPD Liberia is a youth led community NGO legally registered with Government of Liberia and accredited by Ministry of Youth and Sport as we are working and with grassroot youth and their rural communities where we have major of our beneficiaries and their structures.

    Your programs are indeed welcoming in lie with the work we are doing ere and we are actually interested in forming a partnership between both institutions.
    Such a partnership we believe will be of benefit to both institutions especially in terms ofprogram exchange and ideas on the above issue.
    Thanks and we want to assure your institution of sustainable partnership in the above direction.

    Kind regards

    sahr Yillia
    Programs Coordinator
    YPPD Liberia.


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