4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem

Neem has been known for hundreds of years to be a healing plant. Some even call it sacred for its myriad of health benefits. Every part of the plant can be used in medicine, and while it does taste pretty bitter, it can treat and heal various conditions. This is what neem can do for your health.

Neem can help you lose weight.

shutterstock_320955011 (1)

If your new year resolution is to lose some weight, neem can help you along.

Drinking neem flower juice every day boosts your metabolism and helps you reach your weight loss goal.

You can make it yourself by crushing a handful of neem flowers, adding a dollop of honey, a squirt of lemon juice, and a bit of water.

Neem may help with cancer treatments.shutterstock_255475828

Generally speaking, we don’t ever encourage you to alter any kind of medicinal or treatment schedule based on anything we say. When it comes to cancer though, we don’t think an all-of-the-above treatment plan can hurt.

Talk to your doctor before you begin doing any kind of alternative treatment in conjunction with your western medical treatment to be sure nothing will interact negatively.

Neem Leaf Glycoprotein is a protein found in neem leaves and has been shown to inhibit growth of cancer cells. It doesn’t target them directly, but it modulates immune cells present in the tumor’s environment. This restricts growth and can help with treating cancer.

Neem treats head lice.

Neem-based shampoos and soaps can treat head lice effectively. Many people aren’t aware, opting to use it primarily for its anti-fungal purposes. Which brings me to my next bullet.

Neem relieves fungal infections.

shutterstock_177991268Years ago I got ringworm and, instead of using any store-bought treatments, I used neem oil to treat it. Neem contains nimbidol and gedunin, which are both antifungal constituents.

Neem has tons of different uses. Have you ever used neem for anything? What did you think?

Source: 4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem

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