EDGEneration – A Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

To break away from the generic and place the spotlight on the pertinent issues facing entrepreneurship in Ghana, EDGECon 2015 commenced with an interactive dialogue session that raised important issues facing young entrepreneurs in Ghana, including but not limited to challenges and opportunities involved in setting up businesses, unfavourable government policies and bureaucracy, access to finance, networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, and sources of support from entrepreneurship centred businesses.

Innovative New Greenhouse Makes It Possible To Grow Crops… – TIMEWHEEL

In regions that regularly experience high temperatures, frequent droughts, and severe dryness, farming is virtually impossible. Roots Up is a non-profit organization in Northern Ethiopia that strives to help Ethiopian farmers produce healthy crops in even the most undesirable weather conditions that the region is subjected to.

The team has come up with an innovative, multifunctional greenhouse, the Root Up Greenhouse, that is capable of both growing food and producing water by working with an arid environment rather than against it. During the hot hours of the day, hot air is trapped within greenhouse and the temperatures continue to rise. All of the heat causes water to evaporate creates a humid environment within the greenhouse atmosphere, providing an excellent grow environment for the plant life as well as maximizing the dew harvest.

From evening until morning when the temperatures drop substantially, the top of the greenhouse can be opened allowing it to cool. Eventually, the greenhouse environment reaches dew point, at which point the atmospheric water vapor condenses into small droplets on the surface of the bio-plastic sheet where they drip into the container below, providing the farmer with clean water for drinking and irrigation.

Source: [Video] | Innovative New Greenhouse Makes It Possible To Grow Crops… – TIMEWHEEL