The Green Journey – Changemakers

Preparation of Local Moringa drink

Breakfast with moringa fortified bread

Fortification of corn meal with moringa

Changemakers caption – JB

Intake of fortified Moringa drinks

Shade-drying of Moringa leaves

Processing Mornga leaf powder locally

Moringa leaves, pods and flowers

Mama Moriinga Tree – the first

Moringa media campaign at Radio Univers, Accra

100g Moringa Leaf Powder packages

Children with Moringa leaf powder packages

Harvesting of Moringa Leaves

Nutritional outreach to Liberian women refugees

Moiringa fortified water melon drin

Nutritional outreach to Dzodze-Penyi students

Adofo Moringa Demonstration Farm

Our diets are mostly nutrient deficient. The need for a holistic approach to check such is quite imperative. The Green Journey project sets to develop and advocate for the use of appropriate naturally

Source: The Green Journey – Changemakers