The Ugly Face of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is having a devastating toll on many nations in the developing world and affects productivity with high infant and maternal mortalities. The situation is compounded by many traditional diets which are nutrient deficient.Severly malnourished child

In the developing world, 230 million (39%) children under five are chronically malnourished whilst 54% of deaths among children under 5 are linked to malnutrition. In Ghana, only 76,500 children under five out of 2.55 million have normal weight. 612,000 are underweight, 51,000 are chronically malnourished, 178,500 have acute malnutrition and 1,887,000 are anaemic. (GDHS, 2005).

43% of pregnant mothers received Vitamin A supplementation within two months after delivery and 47% of mothers are anaemic. (GDHS, 2005). Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) is the single greatest cause of child mortality (54%) and over 19 million middle and low income earners are in danger of malnutrition.Children showing stunted growth

An appropriate and affordable solution is required and that led to the Green Journey which has a goal to develop, produce and market Moringa Oleifera nutritional supplements and fortified foods to fight malnutrition and ensure intake of balanced diets for optimal growth with a vision of Ghana Without Malnutrition and ultimately the World Without Malnutrition.

Many food and vitamin supplements are from chemical and synthetic origins with nutrients which are not readily bio-available to the body. With others from natural sources, they have been found to cover a narrow spectrum of vitamins and essential nutrients. Moringa, the main base of our products, has eight bio-available essential amino acids, large quantities of Vitamin A, D, C and E and other nutrients, which is good for the complete upkeep of the body. Our organic production and excellent production practices make our products desirable, affordable and highly preferred.  Moringa leaf powder and oil are being used to fortify the common staple foods and oils to provide all the essential nutrients the body needs.

The waste cake from the oil production is being processed to be used as a powerful coagulant for the water purification industries which has been proved to be desirable than some of the conventional materials like alum. In addition to this is the use of the agricultural waste and excess moringa leaves to produce ethanol and biogas and moringa oil to produce biofuels for use as renewable energy materials for the generation of electricity and running of industrial engines and vehicles.

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