2 thoughts on “Social Entrepreneurship – The New Paradigm

  1. Many are very hurt, abused and disappointed how CVSI have used funds without consultation with the said board of directors.
    It is very bad that EXoMobil grant and other monies has been controlled by Pastor Brenyeh as the sole signature to the accounts, as accused by Banjamin Adama Armah (Director CVSI). I feel investigation has to happen to verify if this is legal. To date there isn’t a full report as how the funds were spent and there is great concern, sadly.
    I recommend no funds be given to them till full investigation is carried out.


    • Dear Johnson,
      I have been on an extended medical leave since 2013 and is scheduled to start work again very soon. Your comment had been passed on to the Board of Directors of CVSI and this is the response: All our projects are controlled by bank accounts with two or three signatories so the claim that Pastor Brenyah is the sole signatory is false. For the ExxonMobil project, which lasted from 2010 to 2012, there were two primary bsnk account and two secondary bsnk account. The signatories for the primary account were: Pastor Brenyah, Benjamin A. Armah and Anna Setordji. The signatories for the secondary account were: Pastor J. Brenyah and Welbeck Nani (Director/Chartered Accountant). What Benjamin A. Armah was demanding was full bank statements for the secondary bank account where he was not a signatory and such has been made available to him including that of the primary bank account and full financial account of the project. Our activities are always subjected to investigations by anyone who is not clear about anything especially our donors. Your biased comment about impropriety is not appreciated especially when you do not have any evidence of what you are alleging. Our reports about our projects are verified by third parties in addition to annual reports and audited accounts. Because of the delay in putting up reports for the ExxonMobil project on account of my ill health, we ordered the freezing of our major activities from 2013 until now that we are ready to start full operations again. We ask that you seek for clarifications about anything not clear to you about us instead of relying on misinformation from would be detractors which might not be true in the long run. Best regards, Pastor J. Brenyah, CVSI


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